Trial For Murder Of Nicki Minaj’s Tour Manager Begins 4 Years After His Passing

De’Von Pickett, Nicki Minaj‘s former tour manager, was slain almost four years ago. He passed away at the age of 29 after being fatally stabbed outside a bar in East Germantown, Philadelphia. In 2015, Pierce Boykin was originally facing murder charges in Pickett’s case but new evidence points to Khaliyfa Neely.

According to Philly’s Inquirer, “prosecutors dropped murder and other charges against Boykin in August 2016.” The defendant still pleaded guilty to a “remaining aggravated assault charge and was sentenced to serve up to 23 months in state prison.” Neely is charged with murder, conspiracy, and additional counts. His trial is set to conclude next week.

At the time of the incident, Pickett had come to Philly from New York City with members of Minaj’s band to rehearse for her European tour. Eric Reese, who was wounded in the fight, and Marcus Kincy were also present. During the current trial against Neely, Marcus Kincy gave a testimony that diverged from his original statement in 2015.

He claimed to have witnessed Pickett being stabbed by someone who fit Boykin’s description. Kincy recanted this story on Thursday. “I did not see the man with the glasses stab ‘Day Day.’ I never saw anyone thrust a knife,” he told the jury. “I believe at that time I was just trying to make sense of my friend being gone … but I believe I answered everything honestly according to what I thought to be true.” Kincy’s latest testimony pictured someone of Boykin’s likeness instigating a fistfight with Pickett, which led him to assume the stabbing was done by the same individual.

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