“Sex and the City” Author Spells Out what Middle age Loneliness Feels Like

“Sex and the City” author Candace Bushnell recently expressed her remorse of not having children and choosing career over family. She went on to say that her divorce made her realize the importance of starting a family.

She told the Sunday Times Magazine, “when I was in my thirties and forties I didn’t think about it, then when I got divorced, and I was in my fifties I started to see the impact of not having children and of truly being alone.”

These statements seem contrary to the message she preaches in her book which was adapted into the quirky television series Sex and the City – portraying a group of four free-spirited ladies roaming around New York City and experiencing all it had to offer. With three of the female leads in the series choosing not to have kids, the film “Sex and the City 2″ portrayed Carrie Bradshaw as the fictional character loosely based on Candace herself.
Candace, 60, is currently dating real estate agent Jim Coleman. She was married for a period of ten years to Charles Askegard, a ballet dancer, before divorcing him in 2012.

Admittedly she did not have sexual relations for a period of five years after the divorce. She opens up about her life and the aftermath of a divorce in her upcoming novel, ” Is there still sex in the city?” which looks at love and life from all possible angles. The novel discusses the real-life dilemmas of unmarried and childless women who experience loneliness in the middle years of life. The humorous author was critical of modern dating culture and said that it leaves even the most youthful women lonely and frustrated.





source: union journalism

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