R. Kelly’s Mystery Donor Speaks Out After Posting $100k Bond

Valencia Love has been identified as a Christian caregiver who owns and operates a daycare facility.

Valencia Love, the woman who posted R. Kelly‘s $100k bond, is following up those actions in speaking to the press. The 47-year-old business woman, who is on the record as claiming to be Kelly’s consummate “friend,” spoke with Fox32 News’ Tia Ewing, in an effort to quash any doubts over her allegiance to the singer, nonetheless choosing not to explain the origins of the $100k cash advance – after reports indicated that Kelly was having a tough go at producing a benefactor.

“I’m not going to say it was my money or (Kelly’s) and he’s not broke,” the woman said, according to Ewing. “He’s my friend and I knew he needed help.”

Valencia Love alluded to the fact that R. Kelly’s release on bond was a foregone conclusion, in spite of what was reported in the press. Love indicated that Kelly and his legal team were confident he’d be released by Thursday at the latest, contradicting reports that indicated an uphill battle was in the works. “He was going to get out regardless,” Love said. “I just went out there to help my friend.”

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