People keep stealing ‘Old Town Road’ signs

It’s no secret that, since his success with “Old Town Road”, Lil Nas X has spread about as fast as… well, an internet meme. He’s definitely difficult to miss online, weighing in on the Area 51 situation with an animated video and featuring Walmart kid (i.e. Mason Ramsey) on a Young Thug-led remix.

The real world also appears to be feeling the effects of the longest running US number one of all time, though, especially towns that happen to have an Old Town Road in them. Yeah, you guessed it (or just read the headline): people have been stealing the road signs.

The Swellesley Report, a site about Wellesley, Massachusets (cute pun) reported on the thefts earlier this week. They say at least three signs have gone missing since Lil Nas X’s song blew up, sometimes hacksawed off their metal posts, and highlight the costs and potential dangers of removing signage.

Obviously, though, that probably isn’t going to stop country-trap enthusiasts and/or potential thieves doing their thing. Wellesley apparently isn’t looking to replace the signs until things cool off (which might be a while).

Sicamous, British Columbia (which also, evidently, has an Old Town Road) has taken a different approach, producing replica signs for $25 after a similar string of encounters with pop culture outlaws. Road trip, anyone?

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