Lil’ Kim, Mya & TLC’s Chilli Reunite For New Project In Barbados

Who’s ready for some throwback vibes?

It’s been years since Lil’ Kim and Mya were together on “Lady Marmalade” and now, it looks like the duo will be linking up once more for a mysterious project. They’re not alone though because they were spotted filming on a Barbados beach with none other than TLC’s Chilli.

According to TMZ, the three are prepping a new show for VH1 that will likely┬ábe called Girls Crew. They’re expected to hit a few other islands in the Caribbean but they spent a decent amount of time gathering content in their bikinis, looking incredible even after all these years. On Monday, they were all spotted on the beach for a photo shoot, with Barbados being one of the destinations on their list. It’s unclear when Girls Crew will be premiering on VH1 right now but whenever it does, you better be ready for some major throwback vibes.

The three ladies looked stunning during their shoot, teasing the new show ever-so-slightly and piquing our interest to see what they have planned. The premise of the show is up in the air but from the looks of things, they’ll just be island hopping and showing off their friendship goals. Regardless of what they’re actually doing, you can bet on the fact that Mya, Kim and Chilli will get those views.



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