Cardi B’s Off-the-Cuff Video Became a Coronavirus Anthem

It started as a 46-second monologue. It got remixed into a dancey track. Now the rapper and the D.J. who transformed her clip are promising it’ll help the needy.

A video of the song being played in a Rio club has been making the rounds. DJ Snake made remix. Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend, Cody Simpson, posted their own parody in tribute. A musician on TikTok recorded note-for-note piano interpretation of Cardi’s musings. An unofficial #CoronavirusChallenge has ignited on social video platforms, with many dancers donning face masks.

Though initially perplexed by the song’s growth, Cardi has embraced her accidental anthem (“I might [as] well do a damn music video, ”she tweeted). And with her support, her massive social media following is likely to make “Coronavirus Remix” an even bigger hit. On Tuesday, DJ iMarkkeyz said on Twitter that donating proceeds from the track was his goal, and Cardi reinforced it: “We will Donate!”



source: NYTIMES

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