50 Cent Buys His Homie’s Kids Rolex Watches To Make Them Happy

Spread the wealth, 50!

50 Cent has made a lot of money in his career. When he was regularly dropping albums, he would be laughing to the bank with gigantic checks. Now, he’s figured out a few ways to maximize his profits by producing and directing a handful of television shows and movies, teaming up with major companies on high-paying endorsement deals as well. You’ll likely have noticed that the majority of 50’s social posts end with a hashtag to promote one of his brands. Be it “Le Chemin du Roi” or his partnership with Bellator, Fiddy is always working. He can afford to part with a couple of Rolex watches and he did just that, handing off some expensive jewelry to his friend’s kids.

“I got these for my Boy’s baby girl, and son for Christmas,” wrote the entrepreneur, showing off a diamond-encrusted Rolex design next to a silver and blue timepiece. While children may not be as into flexing as 50 Cent is, they’ve got to know the symbol that a Rolex watch holds. It’s a big deal and now, they can be the talk of the school hallway while they walk down in their flashy wristwear.

“Good kids for some reason I get off on seeing them happy,” wrote the rapper. Every once in a while, Fif switches from troll mode to wholesome father mode. We’re sure his son Sire is spoiled with all the watches he could possibly want. Sometimes, you’ve got to give back to your day ones though, which is what 50 did here.

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