2 Chainz Is Still Waiting on His JAY-Z Guest Verse

2 Chainz dropped a solid rap album on Friday with his fifth studio effort, Rap or Go to the League. It’s a star-studded affair, featuring Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Ariana Grande, and more artists at the top of their game.

Only one artist was missing: Hov.

“He my favorite,” 2 Chainz said on The Breakfast Club. “I’d love to work with him. I tried to get him on this album and he told me maybe the next album.” Later adding: “The timing apparently wasn’t right. This would’ve been [a feature off my] a bucket list. I’ma check it off one day. He knows I’m passionate about this music stuff.”

For such a feature-rich album—clocking in at 10 big names—it is a bit surprising 2 Chainz wasn’t able to wrangle JAY-Z for this album. Considering how matured and soulful some of the selections on Rap or Go to the League sound, JAY-Z would have been a stellar addition to the feature line-up.

Let us also not forget that 2 Chainz signed to Def Jam (through DTP) in 2006 as one-half of the duo Playaz Circle, when Jay was still president of the label, meaning this feature has been a long time coming for him.

With or without Hov on the tracklist, though, Rap or Go to the Leauge still has the potential to go down as one of Chainz’ best showings, and, hey, there’s always next time.

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